Hipopressive Abs HIPOTARC ®

Abdominales hipopresivos

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Oferta abdominales hipopresivos
oferta abdominales hipopresivos

Hipopressive abs HIPOTARC®

Hypopressive abdominal therapy with the * Exclusive Methodology HIPOTARC® (abdominal restorative therapy with heat, 30ºaprox). Pioneering method in Spain with which you will train in the most effective way body and mind. In addition to physical training, you will lower daily stress levels.

What are the Abdominal Hypopressives?
It is a global training of postural and respiratory work that strengthens the abdominal girdle and parallel pelvic floor that combines three elements:

  • The hypopressive abdominals of M. Caufriez.
  • A training of postural alignment from a series of restorative postures of traditional Yoga.
  • The sum of the innumerable benefits of the heat that we already use in our Bikram Yoga classes.

Hypopressive abdominals have marked a before and after in the world of fitness, health and sports. There are many benefits that bring you:

  • Re-programming of the abdomen musculature.
  • Protection and recovery of back health. Improvement of back problems (lumbago, sciatica, lordosis).
  • Minimization of problems related to the urogenital system (urinary incontinence, prolapses, hernias, etc.)
  • Increased sports performance and prevention of possible injuries derived from it.
  • Abdominal perimeter reduction.
  • Pelvic floor post-delivery recovery.
  • Postural hygiene.
  • Improves sexual function.


Initiation Workshop Bonus: 49€ Buy

Initiation workshop: Introductory class of 60 minutes duration. If this is your first time doing hypopressive you should attend the initiation workshop , in it you will learn the types of breathing, expand cajatorácica and basic postural control.

Group classes: They will last between 35 and 40 minutes.

Same conditions and prices for all centers except A Coruña, check here.

Bonuses per class – HIPOTARC®
It allows you to come to classes of Hypopressives in a timely manner.

Bonuses per class
1 Class 20 10 Classes 149
Buy Buy

Bonuses per weekly classes – Hipopressive HIPOTARC®
You can come to class one, two or four times a week and choose the month / s of attendance. * Price of 4 month bonds expressed in monthly price.

1 Class a week
1 month 69,90
4 months (monthly fee) 64,90
4 months (single payment) 59,90€
2 Classes a week
1 month 129
4 months (monthly fee) 99,90
4 months (single payment) 79,90
2 Clases a la semana Bikram + Hipotarc®
1 mes 144
4 meses (cuota mensual) 125
4 meses (pago único) 115
4 Classes a week Bikram + Hipotarc®
1 month 159
4 months (monthly fee) 139
4 months (single payment) 129


*Consult the center reception to apply the discount. Available in the centers of Madrid: Barrio de Salamanca, Montecrmelo and Chamberí.

Type Discount
Bikram Yoga students 15%
Group 4 friends 15%
Unemployed 20%
Company agreements Consult


  • Bonuses are accrued on the day that the first class is enjoyed or since the activation of the bonus (at the end of the third month from the first day of purchase, it will be automatically activated).
  • The bonds are non-refundable, and are personal and non-transferable.
  • Duration of the initiation workshop: Maximum 90 minutes.
  • Duration of the group class: 45 minutes.
  • It is necessary to book the class in advance.
  • The cancellation of the class must be done 24 hours in advance to not discount it, if not attend it will be lost.