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Ana Carolina

Profesor Bikram Yoga, Ana Carolina

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Since I was young I was attracted to sports, some of them hooked up more than others and Bikram Yoga is one of those that hooks.

I practice scuba diving, surfing, windsurfing, skiing and kayaking, but all of them are seasonal, I was looking for some discipline to be able to practice all year long and to be close to home the place to practice it. I saw that I had a Bikram Yoga Spain center nearby and I signed up for the test week and since then I practice 5 days a week.

The body has changed me but above all, I have worked hard on patience and concentration. I take things differently and all my problems stay in the Hot Room.

I’ve been less than a year, but from the first day I recommend it to all my friends and acquaintances. It is my great passion and where I have met extraordinary people. I feel at home.

If you want you can. The limits you put on yourself.

Ana Carolina

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