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Anna López

Profesor Bikram Yoga, Anna López

Certified Teacher Bikram Yoga Spain ©

I am a professional dancer and I am trained in several sanitary and parasanitary branches (Nutrition, Chiromassage, Osteopathy and Acupuncture, among others).

I met Bikram Yoga thanks to a friend, also a dancer. more than 6 years ago I was motivated by the idea of improving my silhouette and physical shape (since, due to medication, I had picked up a few extra kilos). In the first months I saw clear results in my goal but, in addition, I appreciated many more benefits as greater strength and strength inside and outside the practice.

For years I went tumbling through various centers and, although I found it a practice for me, I did not just call. I found what I lacked in Bikram Yoga Spain ©, a center that makes you feel welcome and where I have been able to meet wonderful people.

There, after my first Challenge BYS (30 classes in 30 days), I understood that Bikram Yoga is much more than a physical discipline.

After seeing all these results I dreamed of being part of it. I started working in the reception center of Montecarmelo, being a very enriching experience. And finally, I decided to do the training as a teacher to be able to give to others everything I have learned.

The only class in which you will not get benefits is where you are not.

Anna López

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