Bikram Yoga Spain


Profesor Bikram Yoga, Arantxa

Certified Teacher Bikram Yoga Spain ©.

Diploma in Special Education and qualified as a sign language interpreter.

My story with Bikram Yoga started not so long ago, I discovered it by “chance” and it seemed fascinating to me . A discipline that works my body like never before, in which it unloaded all the hustle and nerve, in which to get to disconnect my mind and that also gave me a plus of energy . Could I ask for something more? Yes, be a teacher of Bikram Yoga.

A few months ago I was raised the possibility of dedicating myself to it professionally. And although in these moments I do not know what will happen, I know that that is what I want, only because of the illusion that I did, I know that it deserves any effort, because I enjoy it. Do you want to check it?

“I wait for you in classes (they see well hydrated). Namaste”.


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