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Profesor Bikram Yoga, Elena

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It all started years ago, a cold winter day. My profession was directly related to health , in a maelstrom of multinational life, trips, early mornings, intense days of work … etc. (of which I learned a lot and enjoyed). But that rhythm of life demanded strength, energy and mental focus.

In order to be up to the task, I tried to have at least 3 weekly sessions of exercise that would force me somehow to disconnect and minimize health problems due to different injuries, which over time became in a handicap. These sessions went through spinning, body combat and running. But a cold winter day I tried Bikram Yoga , I can finish the practice with great difficulty, but after taking a shower I not only felt complete, physically, but otherwise I realized that > had managed to disconnect 100% during the 90 minutes, like never before. Throughout that day the energy invaded me as well as the sensation of physical well-being.

It was a great discovery that covered everything I needed, a global and dynamic discipline. From this moment I researched and implemented it in my life and of course, in my travels. My body and mind became addictive. Blessed addiction! A year later I met my teacher Jonathan Martin and all his team where in their classes they offered an extra energy and a philosophy based on humane treatment.

And here, began my concern to convey to the maximum number of people all those benefits that the discipline offered me. Finally, I decided that the best way to transmit it was to go from being a hobby to my profession . I searched for information, I compared and the option that transmitted to me the greatest guarantee of knowledge and professionalism was Bikram Yoga Spain in charge of Jonathan and his team. My expectations were high, but they managed to cover them a lot.

Since the admission, the requirement, the training given by professionals with great experience, knowledge and support during this, were vital. I can not say it was easy, but it was worth it. The million dollar question is: Would you recommend it? You would do it again? And without a doubt my answer is a YES, OF COURSE!

Thank you Bikram Yoga Spain team, for opening this new path in my life.