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Profesor Bikram Yoga, Esperanza

Director of Bikram Yoga Spain © Sevilla

In 2012 I embarked on an adventure that I will never forget, with my backpack on my back I went to Nepal to help as a volunteer a group of women from rural areas. Apart from the changes (all positive) that experience gave me in life, I came face to face with Yoga , after a single class I felt peace and renewed .

After the month I was there, I went back to my routine and to my usual work as a freelance translator. Since then I was introducing Yoga little by little in my life, I tried some classes, but what I liked most was to put the mat in the middle of the room and practice with videos or with my own practice That was “my time” of the day, just for me. And suddenly one day I decided: I wanted to go to India to do a Yoga teacher course. When I had almost everything closed, I discovered Hot Yoga and … I fell in love. Although I continued with my plans to go to India to learn classical Yoga, I cut my stay and went to Holland to do a Hot Yoga course.

I went back to Sevilla , my hometown, and started teaching Yoga, but here there was no center for Bikram or Hot Yoga , so I made the decision I had to open my own center to practice it and, above all, to make it reach everyone. Those benefits could not be hidden, that feeling after those 90 minutes of effort and concentration had to be shared.

That’s how I met Jonathan and the great team of Bikram Yoga Spain . We share the same dream and thanks to the help of all of them I will make my reality. Soon Seville will not be hot only in summer, but all year. And you’re going to miss it?

Bikram is for those who do not have flexibility, Bikram is for the brave, Bikram is for you.



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