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My first contact with Bikram was in 2013, and although I have practiced Hatha and Kundalini Yoga before, from the first class I knew that with Bikram Yoga I will commit myself to a long-term relationship.

I started to practice more and more and more. All my life revolved around classes. And from the beginning I noticed the benefits that Bikram brings. I noticed the changes, both inside and outside. And I loved them! Never before did I feel so much peace and harmony with myself. Bikram became an integral part of my life and the decision to make it a part of my working life was the next step. It was the most natural and obvious thing that could happen.

I decided to train as a teacher and do the Teacher Training in Bikram Yoga Spain.

It was the most beautiful experience I imagined. To be able to learn from the fantastic teachers, to absorb everything they transmitted to us and what they wanted to share with us has been wonderful. They have given us a professional level training , a welcome in the Bikram world and an immense affection.

There is a nice phrase that says “find what you are passionate about and you will not work one more day in your life”. I already found it!

I am very happy and proud to be part of the great Bikram Yoga family.



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