Bikram Yoga Spain


Profesor Bikram Yoga, Isabel

Certified Teacher Bikram Yoga Spain © San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid.

The world of health and sports has always called me, that’s why I’m a physiotherapist, osteopath, Pilates instructor and emergency nurse.

Yoga for me has been an escape valve for the rhythm of life that I was leading, providing physical and mental health, as well as inner peace. Yoga, makes the best version of me in all aspects, in addition to providing me with a serene mind and an ideal physical state, strong, balanced and elastic.

I decided to take the leap to be a teacher after rethinking my future and dedicate myself to something that filled me, in which I was completely convinced of its benefits, which ultimately made me happy. Bikram Yoga Spain © gave me the wings and gave me the means to turn an illusion into a reality with the confidence of great professionals with more than demonstrated expertise.

Enjoy the day, fill it with energy and deliver the best version of yourself. Namaste.


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