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Jonathan Martín

Profesor Bikram Yoga, Jonathan Martín

Professor and founder of Bikram Yoga Spain ©
Official Bikram Yoga Teacher Licensed in Los Angeles, California

International Bikram Yoga Teacher. Come and meet him in his studies.

I am fascinated by sports and activities linked to health, but out of ignorance I underestimated Hatha Yoga. One day my partner invited me to practice Bikram Yoga with which I was completely fascinated, since not only did I notice a rapid physical improvement and health problems that we accepted as normal, but it also brought me a harmony, tranquility and connection between my mind and my body never before witnessed with the practice of any sport.

After graduating in Economics in Madrid and obtaining international experience in the Netherlands, I started working in the financial sector. After four years of intense work, with career projections within the financial world, I decided to take a turn in my professional and personal path through Bikram Yoga , to the astonishment of partners and partners, but with the support of loved ones. This change has meant an alternative life from materialism, stress, illnesses and accelerated lifestyle, towards health, inner peace, happiness and search for self-realization.

For more than a year I tried to combine the practice of Bikram with my professional career. Each time my professional demands were higher and it required more Bikram practice to make me feel good and relieve the stress generated. My work schedule did not allow me to practice as much as I really needed. For all that I took the most successful decision to stop my professional career, which was to devote myself to Bikram Yoga completely and thus I became a Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher.

I want everyone to stop to think at least once and try to find their happiness.

I hope you enjoyed my story and I’ll see you tomorrow in class with open arms!

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