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Profesor Bikram Yoga, Kelly

Certified Teacher Bikram Yoga Spain © and Director of Bikram Yoga Spain © Chamberí, Madrid

In a chaotic world of hurry, stress and strict schedules, I could not find any form of relaxation. Until, after trying everything type of methods to disconnect, I found the practice of Hot yoga .

I did not think it would work like so many other failed attempts. But I got hooked. This practice demanded everything!

Willpower, physical strength, balance, maximum concentration, putting your heart rate at one thousand per hour and lowering it in seconds … It is a physical and mental challenge behind another. And day after day, without realizing it, you are balancing your life, you learn to enjoy those moments of the day that are just for you.

It is the only practice that does not demand a specific age , a specific physical situation or an exact weight. Whether you have never played sports or run 15km a day, you will notice it physically and there will be days when, in addition to physical, the mental effort is such that it ends up being a stress relief therapy and an exercise to overcome.

If I had to describe this practice with a single word it would be POWER! You can start from scratch and reach the top . You can get it. You can improve your physical and mental health at the same time. You can keep yourself 90 minutes inside the room. You can leave your center happy, happy and satisfied after having demanded EVERYTHING and having achieved it, because YOU CAN

If you want different results, do it differently

Finally I want to thank BYS for giving me the opportunity to dedicate myself to what I like and be able to share it.


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