Bikram Yoga Spain

Laura Molina

Profesor Bikram Yoga, Laura Molina

Bikram Yoga Spain © Certified Teacher

Yoga came into my life more than 6 years ago and came to stay. It has changed me a lot as a person and has made me know myself in depth. Yoga begins for me when I leave my mat and listen to myself, respect me and love myself as I am. I accept my defects and vulnerabilities.

I entered Bikram out of curiosity to try new types of yoga and although I found it very demanding and hard, my feelings were very good. It was another way of working with myself.

I continued practicing along with my practice in Hatha and Vinyasa and I love the benefits that each discipline brings me.

Commenting with friends who came to practice Bikram Yoga and got them hooked, they started looking at the business and here I am, as a Bikram Yoga teacher. For now I will continue as a teacher and who knows if I will open a center in the near future.

“The best of me is yet to come”