Bikram Yoga Spain

Laura Molina

Profesor Bikram Yoga, Laura Molina

Bikram Yoga Spain © Certified Teacher

Yoga came into my life more than 6 years ago and came to stay. It has changed me a lot as a person and has made me know myself in depth. Yoga begins for me when I leave my mat and listen to myself, respect me and love myself as I am. I accept my defects and vulnerabilities.

I entered Bikram out of curiosity to try new types of yoga and although I found it very demanding and hard, my feelings were very good. It was another way of working body and mind.

I continued practicing along with my practice in Hatha and Vinyasa and I love the benefits that each discipline brings me.

And here I am embarking on a beautiful project with some partners and friends to have our own yoga center in Las Tablas.

See you at the mat, we wait for all of you who want to take a small step and improve your health and quality of life.



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