Bikram Yoga Spain

Lola Baena

Profesor Bikram Yoga, Lola Baena

Certified Teacher Bikram Yoga Spain ©

Four years ago I practiced Bikram Yoga for the first time and I loved it because I saw in it a discipline to reach a state of optimal health and well-being .

I have always liked sports (capoeira, training, running, etc) and I consider that Bikram Yoga is a complement for all of them.

A little over a year and a half ago my husband opened a studio in Alicante with Bikram Yoga Spain ©, since then I have been a frequent and passionate practitioner until I decided to go one step further and make it part of my life, I left my job as I’m a R&D engineer in a multination to dedicate myself to what I love the most, my family and Bikram Yoga.

I hope to become a good teacher and be able to contribute to improving the lives of students who practice with me.

“It’s never too late”.

Lola Baena

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