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After giving it a lot of thought, I can summarize that I took the step of becoming a teacher of Bikram Yoga in 3 reasons .

The first was a personal decision, almost vital, to do something completely different to what I’ve been doing since I finished the race and I started working. Get out of my focus of thought, get the head of a pretty obsessive job, move your ass and make a decision in which only I took 100% of the benefit.

The second, have the privilege of spending more time in this study . Because what sets it apart from the rest is that when you walk in here you feel surrounded by good people, healthy people, who put you in positive energy and call you by your name from the first day.

Probably if I had not felt so “between colleagues” I would not have taken the step of making an effort that involves time, pasta, and enough physical performance. Surely not.

And the third and most important, to be able to transmit a discipline that has changed me to make myself better. There are people who practice Bikram because it is fashionable, others because they say that you lose a lot of weight, others because it is cool and as practiced by Lady Gaga …

I started at a time in my life where I felt bad, slept worse and had anxiety for a Chinese people. I was physically and psychically made a chrome.

Regular practice helped me and helped me sleep like a dormouse, not suffer a back pain that had become chronic, accept that my body is what it is and want to improve it with effort and discipline. In short to be more days up than down.

And although, learning to give excellent Bikram Yoga classes is not at all easy (there are a few variable variables that distract you …, attend to the students and correct them, not wanting to shout at them “kid, you’re listening to what I’m saying. right foot! “, do not forget the dialogue …), the satisfaction that on the way out they tell you:” thank you, you do not know how good I feel “,” I am happier and I have more desire to get up in the morning ” I think it’s worth it, without any doubt.

So once again thank you for giving me the opportunity to do the training.


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