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Certified Teacher Bikram Yoga Spain © and Director of Bikram Yoga Spain © Chamberí, Madrid

I met Bikram Yoga thanks to my sister Kelly. It took me to do a test week when I was about 20 years old, for that one then, I did not dislike but I did not understand the asana, nor the heat, nor the practice in general. 10 years later, my sister was doing her teacher trainning and forced me to try it again. By then, I was already interested in sport and physical and mental well-being and I saw it as something essential in anyone’s life (athlete or not). From that moment, I fell in love with Bikram Yoga so much that I left my logistics studies to open the Bikram Yoga Spain © Chamberí center, with my sister and my partner. It has definitely changed my life.

See you in the hot room. Namasté


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