Bikram Yoga Spain

Ruth Martínez-Piñeiro

Profesor Bikram Yoga, Ruth Martínez-Piñeiro

Teacher of Bikram Yoga Spain ©, Barrio de Salamanca, Madrid
Official Professor Bikram Yoga Degree in Los Angeles, California

I have always enjoyed practicing sports and staying active, I discovered Bikram Yoga by chance one day and decided to give it a try.

My first class was good, I was not disappointed. I endured the heat and humidity and made all the postures as best I could. When I left class I felt that I had worked hard physically and mentally I was calm, at peace. I knew I had to repeat. I completed the test week and I was already hooked. Then I did a 30 day challenge , then another and another one. Months passed and when I wanted to realize I had been practicing almost every day for almost two years.

What I like most about the practice is that it is active meditation , you work your mind through your body. When you are in the room you do not think about anything other than trying to do the postures and breathing, the rest goes into the background and you get to focus your mind and disconnect from the world for 90 minutes.

I decided to become a teacher and I am happy to be able to share this gift with other people and see how Bikram Yoga also brings them many physical and mental benefits .

If you feel you need to reduce your levels of stress , stop worrying and at the same time you want to take care of your body, you are the ideal candidate to get started in > Bikram Yoga . Surely you are not disappointed and who knows, it may also change your life.

See you in the hot room!


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