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Profesor Bikram Yoga, Sharon

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Im from Newry Northern Irland, im mom of 3 children and I have been practising yoga for 20 plus years. I then found Bikram Yoga. This is what i needed!

Bikram Yoga cured me on a physical level, my eczema, hayfever asthma. To me it is a healing yoga and my passion was to open a studio.

I love the discipline, the 90 minute moving moving meditaton, the challenge, the sweat. I feel cleansed mentally and physically afte each and I wish to share with others.

BYS was the perfect place to gain more knoledge on the 2business” end. I tained with evolation yoga in California 3 years ago and have been teaching for years. I am passionate for Bikram Yoga. I t is for everyone.

I also teach Yin Yoga and i am certificated in Hatha Yoga, Birthlight pregnancy, Kids Yoga, yoga for sports.


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