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Profesor Bikram Yoga, Tere

Certified Teacher Bikram Yoga Spain © Alicante

I am the oldest teacher in Bikram Yoga Spain and my time came. I started from small in the world of dance , until then my passion. Studying dance in Madrid at the karent Taft school I suffered an injury in the heel that took me away from my dream. Be a professional dancer! Years later I dedicated myself to the teaching of several disciplines related to dance.

Looking for a new motivation in my life I found yoga. I never believed that any physical activity could awaken my passion again but I was wrong. I knew Bikram Yoga and fell in love with it. Doing the training in Bikram yoga Spain is the best thing I could do and join this family with an enterprising team, young and with hope has made me want to continue learning, I have enrolled in the official language school for I study English and I enjoy what I do. My knowledge through bikram yoga, body, mind and spirit has given me a new motivation to continue with hope and with a smile helping people to grow and improve . Always thanks!