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This type of yoga as well as being “intense” sport is also a form of meditation, since you are 90 minutes concentrated in the instructions of the yoga teacher. I met Bikram Yoga at a time in my life when I needed to not think and, those 90 minutes, helped me exercise my mind to focus on a practice, in which besides toning my body, eating better and eliminate toxins, allowed me to focus on myself. Know my weak points and exercise my strengths. In this way I started first with 90 min, then with 180 min and then if I did not go one day I missed it.

Best of all, this is that thanks to Bikram Yoga I discovered La Paz to be in the now and this balance I took to my life, being in the present and thinking about productive things and less , in circular thoughts, that lead nowhere.

One day I had to change my place of residence and as in the new place there was no Bikram yoga, I missed not being able to practice it every day and, I decided to be a teacher to keep this benefit in my life, besides being able to teach it .

My dream is to open a future center of Bikram Yoga.

The training is very intense, they are many hours of practice and difficult depending on your situation, but I thought it was time to think of myself as a person and resume my projects. In this formation I have met wonderful people related to me, who have contributed and helped me a lot during my training.
Thanks to colleagues and teachers, I’m glad I met you.



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