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Tarjetas Regalo navidad bikram yoga Hipopresivos
Tarjetas Regalo navidad bikram yoga Hipopresivos

BYS Cleanese Detox is a product of Bikram Yoga Spain ©. Conceived by Yoga professionals and created by nutritionists and laboratories in the UK.

Designed as a complement to your diet and day-to-day physical activities and sports. In the pack you will find:

1 – Cleaner Detox A powerful digestive stimulator to eliminate toxins that our body absorbs from food and pollution.

2 – Rebuilder A complete restorative after cleansing detox. Strengthens and recovers your intestinal flora, strengthens your immune and digestive system.

3 – Manteiner Vitamin and antioxidant supplement, cell stimulator to continue eliminating toxins and strengthen hair, nails, tone muscles and anti-aging effect on the skin.

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