Tell us your experiences. Why did you start practicing it? What does Bikram Yoga bring to you? What was your first class like?

You can also send us a photograph of your favorite posture.

“A Brikramnizado” is, for me, all that person “hooked” voluntarily to the practice of Bikram Yoga in such a way that necessarily it is part of his life.

What are the reasons for my “bikramnization” to Bikram Yoga?

Let’s do a bit of History.

Healthy and Happy and your experience doing the Extreme Challenge (01-06-2018)

I started on a Tuesday with a lot of excitement and very little physical form, which made the first two days I felt more like a Bologna mortadella than an athlete. I admit that winter has been hard at all levels and I have not been able to do the sport that I would have liked, it was clear that the beginning was not going to be easy …

You can read his full experience with video included in his article Bikram Yoga Challenge: first week

Macarena (05-24-2016)

When I talk to Clara on Mondays, I can tell by her tone of voice if she has managed to make it to Bikram’s class. You feel relaxed, with a different energy. Happier. We had commented many times how well she feels yoga, which for her has been Read more


I arrived at the center of Bikram Yoga Spain Studio almost 15 months ago (on July 9, 2012, as all the important dates are not forgotten) full of all kinds of pain and despair, but also full of misgivings about my absolute ignorance Read more

Why Bikram Yoga Spain Studio?

For the “PEOPLE”

For the ” PEOPLE “with capital letters that you usually practice every day; those with whom every day you share class, those who in the middle of a hard class see that you are having a bad time and wink at you in a clear gesture of complicity of “come cheers”, those who pass your bottle of water if they see that you do not have left, those who Read more

Anonymous (1-12-2013)

“Completely recommended, after a class you are another person, much more vital and healthy, it recharges you inside and it shows on the outside, it is impressive to feel as with the movements and helped by the words of the teacher you reach a total concentration and relaxation like I have never felt before. !

Javier (12-06-2012)

“Bikram is the best thing I have ever done for my body. I have given up training in a gym. Bikram has tfsoarnrmed by aching body to a lot more toned and pain free body, the heat is a major factor a bit daunting at first but it does not take long to get used to. Its something that everybody should try. I have been having physio for the last 6 weeks and today i was told by him that my body is knot free and in great condition..the whole treatment was painless which proves that bikram rocks !!! “

Luis (23-08-2012)

I know that this may seem strange, strange, but I need to express what I feel before getting on that plane, that yesterday’s session Bikram yoga has reached me to the deepest of my being, I was there so anxious, stressed, nervous, charged, in synthesis I was holding it back, attributed to reasons Read more

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