Yoga Master Class – October 2021

Yoga Master Class en madrid

Yoga Master Class en Madrid nacho kaleta

Master Class with Nacho Kaleta

Saturday October 9 – HATHA YOGA Master Class

Hour: 19:00 to 20:30 | 90min | Place: Barrio de Salamanca, calle Maldonado, 52

Price: 15, price for students, € 20 for the rest. Capacity 30 people. Book in the center or buy online Buy.


Practice based on the principles of yoga.

Special attention to breathing, the alignment of the asana according to the practitioner’s need, awareness of oneself in the present moment.

The class is open to any type of student, each student will receive adaptations according to their level and need.

Sunday October 10 – VINYASA FLOW Master Class

Hour: 19:00 to 20:30 | 90min | Place: Malasaña, calle Divino Pastor, 25

Price: 15, price for students, € 20 for the rest. Capacity 30 people. Book in the center or buy online Buy


Movement is what characterizes the “vinyasa” style. We will progressively advance through a sequence of asanas, movement and breathing must come together in a rhythmic and comfortable way to sustain the dynamism and intensity of the class.

Everyone the level are wellcome.

Know more about Nacho Kaleta


I started practicing yoga in 2007. I started practicing Vini yoga and after a year I started Ashtanga vinyasa yoga.

Three months after starting yoga, the beneficial effects on the body and mind were evident. After 3 years of practice I started traveling to Asia, especially India.

On my second trip, life took me to the north of India, to Rishikesh. An area in the early Himalayas where spiritual practice was very intense in the past. Sages and yogis lived on the banks of the river Ganges devoted to the search for the absolute.

In Rishikesh I met my Indian yoga teachers, with them I deepened the practice (ashtanga vinyasa yoga) and methodology of yoga from various aspects. Both mental and physical, as well as philosophical. His dedication, patience and compassion have been essential. Other relevant teachers in my learning have been Nuno Oliveira and Arancha Sánchez de Oviedo. Also Angelo Cecchi, Igor de Gracia and Sebastián Arbondo later in the investigation of anatomy and biomechanics, in addition to various teachers of the Iyengar lineage.

Gratitude towards the teachers!!

In 2012 I started teaching yoga at my teacher’s school, Tattvaa Yoga Shala, under the tutelage of Guruji Kamal and Guruji Sunil. Since then I have taught yoga and yoga methodology classes in Spain, Greece, Israel, China, Peru, as well as India.

In 2017 I decided to take on the responsibility of founding Satya Yoga, a yoga studio in my hometown, Oviedo, located between the sea and the mountains, in the north of Spain, Asturias.

Satya Yoga attempts to bring together my understanding of shamkya – yoga philosophy, experience of the psyche through Gestalt psychology and the western application of biomechanics.

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