Malasaña – Madrid

Centro Bikram Yoga Spain Malasaña – Madrid
Calle del Divino Pastor, 25, 28004, Madrid, España.
Barrio de Malasaña, cerca del Metro Bilbao y San Bernardo
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Schedule: una hora antes y después de cada clase

Oferta yoga San Challenge 2023
Oferta yoga San Challenge 2023
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You can go to the center prior reservation is essential through the usual channels, telephone, email, WhatsApp, app and social networks.

Our Classes

Bikram Yoga: Bikram Yoga class at 40ºC and 40% humidity, duration 90min/60min.

Vinyasa Yoga: Vinyasa Yoga classes, duration and temperature to consult in the center.

Hypopressive: Hot Hypopressive Abs, group class at 30ºC, duration and temperature to consult in the center.

Others: Class of Other Yoga/Pilates/Disciplines modalities to consult in your center.

HOLIDAYS: same as on Sundays.

*: must be booked the day before.



INITIATION Bonuses – Bikram Yoga – Vinyasa Yoga
Bonuses on offer only for new students.

Initiation Week
Unlimited classes for 7 days 29
Month Initiation
Unlimited classes for 30 days 99

Bonuses for single classes – Bikram Yoga – Vinyasa Yoga
It allows you to come to class on time.

1 Class
To spend in 3 months 20
5 Classes
To spend in 1 months 79
10 Classes
To spend in 2 months 139
To spend in 1 year 159
20 Classes
To spend in 3 months 259
To spend in 1 year 299

Bonuses for unlimited classes – Bikram Yoga – Vinyasa Yoga
It allows you to come to classes every day and time you want during the duration of the bonus.

1 month
Unlimited classes for 30 days 139
3 months
Unlimited classes for 90 days 359
6 months
Unlimited classes for 180 days 599

General conditions

  • Bonuses are activated on the day of purchase. Except Initiation Week, Ininitation Month, 1 Class, Hypopressive Initiation Workshop that have a maximum activation period of 3 months. The duration of the bonus depends on the type of bonus.
  • Initiation Week + Registration and Initation Month only valid for new students.
  • Bounuses purchased at Bikram Yoga Spain include a mat and towel, with vouchers from other platforms you must pay the towel and mat rental at reception. Due to the COVID-19 there are centers that do not need a towel and mat, check with your center first.
  • Additional towel: € 1.
  • The vouchers are personal and non-transferable
  • Refund requests must be made up to 14 days after purchase. The full amount will be refunded if requested within said period and if no class has been consumed.
  • It is necessary to make the Workshop of initiation to attend group classes of Hypopressives.
  • With our vouchers you can practice 2 times a month in other BYS © centers, except for the voucher of 10 and 20 annual classes, which allows you to practice a total of 2 classes of the same in other centers, and vouchers in promotion, Initiation Week and Ininitation Month, that must be consumed in the facility for which it was purchased.
  • Session vouchers, if they expire with active sessions, will be charged €10 per remaining class of the voucher for their use. In other words, if there are 4 of the 20 bonus left, you must pay €40 for the use of those 4 sessions or they will be lost. With the payment, it is extended to the same duration of the voucher, that is, 2 months more than 10 and 3 months more than 20, for the remaining classes from the date of payment.
  • Discounts cannot be combined with BYS © promotions. Promotional bonuses cannot be combined with other promotional bonuses.
  • Classes subject to center hours and changes in them.

Conditions/Class reservation operation

  • Unlimited class bonuses allow you to practice every day. And they have a balance of 4 simultaneous reservations per month. Said monthly reserve balance decreases depending on late cancellations. The rest of the vouchers have a reserve balance of 2 simultaneous classes.
  • All classes are booked from the Bikram Yoga Spain app, Download for >> Android App | iOS App .
  • Cancellations with less than 2 hours for the class count by deducting class from the voucher. In the case of Unlimited, discounting the reserve balance.
  • The studio reserves the right to suspend a class with a 2-hour notice.
  • Teachers assigned to the class may change without prior notice.

Other services

What is Hot Hypopressive Abs?

abdominales-hipopresivos-barrio de salamanca madrid

What is Bikram Yoga?

What is Bikram Yoga?

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

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