Yoga Events

We organize Yoga Events in Madrid

Yoga Events for Companies: We move to your company to conduct the class, we also provide mats and towels for employees. We also do Yoga networking.

Yoga events for particulars: If you want to hold a meeting at home, a place … and be different doing a yoga session, let’s go to the location you send us. We teach both small and large groups.

Yoga Events for City Halls Massive classes in open and closed spaces, both for cities and towns, do not hesitate to have a yoga class to start the noon of the patron saint party program, even outside of parties to complement events such as at the end of a marathon, or make a session for the elderly in the cultural center.

Corporate Events: complement your corporate meetings with yoga class.

And not only do we teach middle-level initiation, you can also ask us for a Yoga Master Class for your event.

Notros adapt and move with the material (mats, towels, sound, stage, catering …) to any event you can imagine to teach yoga, yoga events for groups, healthy cocktails …

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