Bikram Yoga Franchise

Do you want to open a Bikram Yoga Spain © franchise?

If you are thinking about undertaking, open your business within the yoga sector, Bikram Yoga is your door to success.

Bikram Yoga is a modality of yoga (imparted at 40º and 40% humidity) new in the market, which is hitting hard within the business of yoga being now in full expansion , so the competition is low and very high profitability.

Bikram Yoga Spain is not simply a yoga franchise, but we have our own patented class method , which improves the practice and execution of the class obtaining better physical and mental results for the student. That’s why we are unique , we are the largest yoga chain in Europe and with the most presence in Spain.

The Bikram Yoga Spain franchise system facilitates all the start-up of the business giving you the support you need, a strong and recognized brand image, we provide you with the low consumption heat equipment ( a monthly saving of € 1500 compared to the competition) and installation. We have a portfolio of certified teachers (trained under the patented Bikram Yoga Spain class method) to work in your center from the first day of its opening.

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As a franchisee we will guide you in the business plan , how to get clients, price policy recommendation …

Contact us, we will respond in more detail to your questions and we give you all the necessary information to open your Bikram Yoga Spain franchise.

Doubts that could arise:

If you are interested in becoming a franchisee certified Bikram Yoga, we invite you to contact us at 91 009 08 70 from Monday to Friday starting from 11:00 a.m. to 22:00 pm.

All international studies must have certified teachers in this discipline, since it is a regulated discipline, to continue to maintain quality standards over time.

Bikram Yoga Spain has registered the brand Bikram Yoga Spain © as well as the intellectual protection © of the service offered in its studios with file number RTPI-008062, in order to protect any of its centers. to possible malpractice and competition without training.

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Send us your questions and questions, we will be happy to answer you.

Write to us specifying in subject: Franchise.

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