Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Formación profesor vinyasa yoga

Certify yourself as a Vinyasa Yoga teacher. With our Vinyasa BYS training you will learn everything you need to be the best teacher in this discipline. Make a movement synchronized with the breath and enter the different positions creating awareness about fluidity and harmony.

This training course in Vinyasa Yoga consists of 50 Hours, taught in a week, 10 hours a day.

Training in BYS will change your life, do not be fooled, we are the only chain that guarantees paid practices after training in our chain.

More than 80% of the people trained with us are currently engaged in yoga, something no one else can say.

There are innumerable Yoga schools, which exclusively live on teacher training, we reverse the process, we were born to impart Yoga to everyone in our centers throughout Spain, we have the centers and we are the largest chain. Now we form the best teachers because we need them in our centers.

We have two Teacher Trainning per year, July and December.

Vinyasa BYS is an exclusive training that will certify you as a specialist instructor in Vinyasa Yoga.

Once you have obtained your certification, in addition to your remuneration for teaching classes, you can benefit from the ambitious Financial Compensation Plan that BYS offers to its certified teachers.

Compensation Plan

Also once certified you would be ready to open your own franchise, if this is your goal.

Ask the admission requirements to our exclusive Teacher Trainning and once OK you can make the reservation to guarantee your place in the next training.

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