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Heat equipment Bikram Yoga – Hot Yoga

If you are looking for buy heat equipment, we will sell it to you at the best price and with full installation service.

Bikram Yoga Spain has the latest technology of Bikram Yoga heat systems and Hot Yoga, being pioneers in the execution of hot-room projects. We have the equipment and installation service to assemble the air conditioning system in your center, we assemble you whether you are franchised or not.

We designed your HotRoom and installed the equipment thinking about everything necessary to teach Bikram Yoga, with a heat system of 40-42º, humidity system at 40% and air renewal system. Our equipment is of low consumption, assuming a energy saving of up to € 1500 per month in electricity consumption compared to the competition.

We inform you of the latest news, the best prices of Bikram Yoga Heat Equipment and Hot Yoga equipment prices. Our success is to have the best price of the provider to be the references nationwide.

Bikram Bilbao

Bikram hot room 40 grados centigrados

We have our subsidiary of installers and most importantly, with the best teachers who understand the performance and perfect functioning of the rooms, so that based on years of experience, the price is the best in the market, the most economical system in monthly consumption and heat the optimum to develop a highly beneficial practice.

Bikram Yoga Spain has a subsidiary company specializing in hot yoga rooms. We are the first Spanish company in the thermal installations sector specializing in projects.

We design and execute all types of Bikram Yoga and Hot Yoga thermal installations , radiant energy, all air, renewable or mixed, tailored to the needs of our customers.

We develop your project from the design phase to the assembly phase, we offer an effective maintenance system that guarantees the conditions of environmental quality, comfort and optimal energy consumption. We have our own after-sales department to solve any incident. Guarantee of commitment.

You can check the success of our facilities in our own centers.

If you are interested, we invite you to get in contact with us at 91 009 08 70 from Monday to Friday starting from 11:00 a.m. to 22:00 pm.

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