Fibromyalgia natural remedy

Fibromyalgia natural remedy Bikram yoga, Nutrition

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease characterized by pain Musculoskeletal widespread, with an exaggerated hypersensitivity ( allodynia e hyperalgesia ) in multiple predefined points ( tender points ), without demonstrable organic alterations . It is usually related to a great variety of symptoms, among which the persistent fatigue, the sleep not refreshing, generalized stiffness and symptoms anxious depressives.

Trying to cure pain with painkillers, drugs or medicines will not help to really cure the problem, but maybe to control it. It is necessary to help the body truly heal and not just anesthetize with medication. The organism has a powerful self-healing capacity, it only requires that we give it the necessary elements so that it simply re-establishes its normal functions and its complete health.

We will be happy to show you how many patients have improved their quality of life thanks to the incorporation of healthy habits into their lives, nutrition monitored by specialized doctors, therapeutic work, yoga, hydration, etc.

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