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Información COVID-19 preparados para volver

Most of our centers are already open ( see open centers ) and we bring news

Apart from being able to physically return to our classes, you will be able to attend an online class in streaming and we will have a more agile client management system than we will be telling you about.

On the other hand, to return to practice safely, we present the measures that we will have in the centers.

We remember that:

The virus is not transmitted by sweat, but by saliva, so be careful to cough and speak at a distance and avoid greetings.

All security protocols must be followed by students. Below we explain the security measures.

Security measures in the centers

  • Facial scanner on the ipad to register the student at the entrance to the center.
  • New registrations via APP or via WEB, each user with their mobile phone (except people without technological knowledge). Avoid using paper, pens or touching Ipads.
  • Access control to the center every 1 minute, to avoid crowds in hallways, locker rooms and when entering class.
  • Minimum safety distance established by law.
  • The capacity will be reduced depending on the previous rule. Therefore, prior reservation is required via APP, via web or telephone.
  • The room will be disinfected after each class.
  • Limitation of use of changing rooms and common areas.
  • Use of masks, personal protection screens and gloves.
  • There will be no common towels to dry your hands.
  • Methacrylate screen in reception.
  • Increased frequency of cleaning staff.
  • There will be a marking of security lines.

Security measures by the student

  • Do not go if symptoms occur.
  • Always keep a safe distance, students, teachers, etc.
  • Mandatory use of face masks in reception and locker room.
  • Card payments are recommended, in case of paying in cash it is advisable to bring the exact amount.
  • The class must be booked in advance through our APP, via web or telephone.
  • Dependinedo of the center will be provided or you must bring the towel and mat, consult your center.
  • In the event that the mat is provided by the center, the guidelines on handling must be followed; if they are already located in the room, they should not be moved.
  • Use of gel at the entrance and exit.
  • Wear only flip flops in the center.
  • Respect the safety line marks on the floor at the reception and at the door.


Performance according to type of bonus:


The centers will reopen depending on what the Government of Spain says, we understand that it will be when COVID-19 has been contained and there is minimal risk.

If you have any questions, contact your reference center preferably via email, explaining your case and questions in order to respond by offering a solution. Contact information for centers

We are very sorry for this situation, but due to prudence and responsibility we are forced to take these temporary closure measures. The sooner the virus is contained the sooner we can return to enjoying a normal life. In the meantime, staying calm and continuing to practice at home is one of our recommendations to carry this transition period in the best possible way.

Everything will return to normal, we hope to see you soon in class.

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