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Yoga for me has involved awakening to a deeper personal level of my vision of life in general … how I perceive myself and how I recognize myself in certain circumstances or situations that life is going presenting.

Through yoga I have gained more awareness about the role that I have to play as an individual in a society and especially my commitment to try to make this a more friendly and safe place for everyone.

I met bikram yoga through a friend and I was hooked to the first, bikram came to my life in a time of great instability and changes at a personal and professional level, in practice I found the opportunity to take care of myself from another perspective and a space where I could give PAUSE and dedicate that time for me.

Yoga makes me feel CONNECTED, it makes me feel awake and open to living things more consciously , it’s as if my internal clock goes to the rhythm that has to go, or more hurry no more slowly …
It gives me a sense of calm and mental clarity that allows me to handle myself much better and especially in the way I react on a day to day basis.

I believe that in yoga and bikram yoga simply because it WORKS, all that is needed is a personal commitment to practice being constant.

A long time ago I was thinking about being a bikram teacher, but for some reason I did not feel 100% ready to throw myself, I always thought that things come when you are ready to live them, so it was until this year I felt it was time, do not hesitate and I jumped.

I discovered bikram yoga spain while researching the options to train as a teacher , and among all the options I found the one that best suited my thinking, and part was the only one that offered a training integral as a teacher and as the future owner of a center.

I contacted them and they quickly responded by providing me with all the information, I went to Madrid to meet him and I felt welcome from the first moment, I felt at home and the rest is history.

I’m not really motivational, but I firmly believe in commitment and work, but if I have to say something it would be that:

The will of the human being is capable of taking us to incredible places, even when we believe that we can not give more … I believe in the will of the individual and in his ability to reinvent himself.


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