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Profesor Bikram Yoga, Jessica

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I met Bikram Yoga four years ago, I had done some Hata before and out of curiosity I decided to try this practice.

I have never been very athletic, but I liked to try new things, and to do yoga postures at 40 degrees, it called me a lot of attention.

My first class was an experience , trying to hold the heat and make the positions at the same time, I thought I would die trying and with every dizziness I had decided not to step on a hot room again , but at the end of the class, I felt strangely renewed , so I decided to go back; that had left me breathless, but having to put up with 26 postures at 40 degrees became a challenge for me.

Little by little, with the continuous practice, in addition to improving my practice, I improved my mind and my body , the lesions disappeared and the security in myself increased. I made my personal challenges, I practiced 30 days without stopping when my circumstances allowed me.

It’s such a benefit that I felt, that I decided to embark on the adventure of learning to share it, and doing it with this great Bikram Yoga Spain, it was the best decision.

Bikram Yoga is a practice that brings many mental and bodily benefits , we work hard on patience, concentration and meditation, and above all we get disconnected from everything that surrounds us. And to practice you only need decision and mental strength.

I hope to continue enjoying as a student and as a teacher of this beneficial practice for ever and ever …



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