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Profesor Bikram Yoga, Keila

Certified Teacher Bikram Yoga Spain ©

I am a therapist 15 years ago and I work in the field of sports and complementary disciplines 10 years ago.

Yoga has never caught my attention, my first experiences began in 2010, I did not pay much attention to its benefits, but I liked and tried other types of yoga until I got to know Bikram Yoga, it was a before and a Then, with time, I saw the change that the practice entailed … I saw that it was my vocation and I enrolled in training to start teaching classes and be able to dedicate more time and make it my way of life.

Bikram Yoga changed my life, my way of thinking, to analyze the world as a whole.

I wish everyone could have the experience of practicing Bikram Yoga. “Impossible does not exist”.


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