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I was born in Madrid and since I can remember I ran for everything.

To finish the studies, to become independent, to find work ….

I worked for more than 15 years as a publicist in top-level advertising agencies where customer timings were always “for yesterday”.

At that time in my life I felt that I ran for everything and never came to anything.

Until I said enough . The frenetic pace of a city like Madrid and my head did not allow me to listen to me, the only thing I knew was that I was not feeling well. Panic attacks, fears, anxiety, stress, were constant in my life.

I started to meditate and practice Bikram Yoga, constantly and incessantly.
And I understood then why it is so necessary to connect with oneself . Only when you do it do you realize that what you have been looking for for so long, the answers to so many questions, the solutions to so many problems, the cures to so many diseases, are all inside.

Bikram Yoga changed my life.
I left everything. My work, my relationship, the house where I lived …

I decided then to dedicate myself to what really made me feel good.

I was trained as a Bikram Yoga teacher and as a Health Coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, to help people like me in their day who are chained to a life that is not it fills them up, they do not feel good physically, emotionally, work, mentally or spiritually and they need to find their balance to live a full and happy life.

They proposed to me to come to give classes to the center of Alicante, and I did not think twice, my dream come true! I left Madrid and I came to the sea. Since then I teach at the Bikram Yoga Spain Alicante center and practice as a health advisor.

Today I can say that I have found my way. I feel happy and I am living the full and balanced life that I have always wanted.

Life, like Bikram, is not for the strong, it’s for the brave


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