Training in management and administration of your Yoga Center.

Do you have a yoga center but do not work as you would like? Not only is it enough to teach, you must also know how to manage and manage your business.

What will you learn with our management and administration training MBA course for yoga centers?

We teach you how to manage and manage your Yoga business. This training will give you everything you need to become a yoga entrepreneur or a liberal professional, freelance, freelance to live yoga. Yoga MBA.

Why are there more than 11.550,000 yoga teachers in the world and only 6% live yoga as their only source of income?

No one wonders why there are endless Yoga trainings and that they do not serve to earn your life once they are finished?

MBA gestión y administración centros de yoga

Bikram Yoga Spain has become the largest Yoga chain in Europe in just 7 years, and all without previous financial resources, starting from scratch, with nothing, but with work, passion and know-how.

Every day we receive dozens of CVs from great Yoga teachers who are able to generate income on their own, because nobody has explained how to put their knowledge into value. We are aware you can be one of them and if you really want to live with Yoga, this training is without doubt the most valuable of all you will find and we will show you.

If you do not know how to start, we will teach you how to do it, because it is infinitely more important to know how to manage your business, generate income, than simply be another teacher with one of the thousand trainings in the market.

Our key to success is the total knowledge of the management, marketing and administration tools of a Yoga center that you will learn in this course, as well as the particularities of a self-employed person who wants to dedicate himself to yoga independently.

With our knowledge of the sector and largest chain of European Yoga every day we see that there are many teachers, but people who are able to live very few yoga.

What differentiates us is precisely that, we are economists and businessmen who love Yoga who have positioned themselves as a benchmark in the market and to be an entrepreneur in the rules of the free market, unfortunately it is more important than being a great teacher.

You also have the possibility to finance the course and pay it in comfortable terms from € 207.5 / month without interest
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We know your case and without a doubt this training can change your life. If you want to know more details fill in the form:

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